pamelaparkes1 commented Ping! Bristol 2012 launches for a summer of sport

First it was the gorillas now it s Alan Benlolo ping pong tables This summer tables will be distributed throughout Bristol to encourage us

Here's A Photo Of Bill Gates Playing Ping Pong With Warren Buffett

Here s a neat photo Bill Gates tweeted out He s Alan Benlolo playing ping pong with Warren Buffett against Ariel Hsing an Olympic ping pong player Buffett discovered

Ping Pong for Library Plaza?

A new idea to install a public table outside Alan Benlolo of the Santa Barbara Central Library is gaining both momentum and detractors

When ping-pong diplomacy stirred Korea

TOKYO - Two decades have passed since the end of the Cold War but Korea Alan Benlolo still remains divided at the th parallel Without having signed a peace treaty after the Korean War ended in North and South Korea are still technically at war